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The game reserves in Botswana are a major tourist attraction. That's not to exclude the hunting and photographic safaris available therein. 


The Central Kalahari game reserve is an extensive national park that you should live its experience. This Kalahari game reserve covers an area of 52,800 km, making it the second-largest game reserve in the world. You'd find various wildlife such as gems ok, leopard, blue, brown hyena, warthog and red hartebeest.


There is also the Chobe national park and the Kgalagadi transfrontier park. There is also the Okavango Delta region which is best enjoyed during the rainy season, where it is a maze of waterways, beautiful islands and lakes. Visit our Botswana travel package to book a trip and enjoy nature at one of its best. Embark on an African family adventure and explore the marvels of Botswana with our Botswana Safaris as you visit Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta and more!

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Frequently Questions

What is the official language of Botswana?

Botswana is an amazing jungle of languages, so actually with teh official language being English and Setswana alongside Sekalanga spoken by the Bakalanga people. 

What’s the weather like in Botswana?

The climate in Botswana is a subtropical desert climate known for drastic changes in its Day and Night temperatures. The overall humidity with teh virtually no rain for six months. The wettest months are from December to March. The best time to visit the country would be from May to October during its dry season.

What’s the food like in Botswana?

The cusine in Botswana is characterized by being meat and vegetable oriented. The eats you are most likely to find in Botswana would be beef goat chicken & lamb. The other food items that are used in Botswana are Setswana. Morongo, Goat Meat Stew, Braai Meat & other meals.

Can i drink the tap water in Botswana?

Despite the tap water being fine for purposes such as washing your teeth or taking a bath, we wouldn’t recommend it for drinking purposes, for that your better off sticking with bottled water as the local tap water is heavily chlorinated.

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