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The cleanliness, cool efficiency, and time-honored customs. Japan's 'otherness' is what makes it such an intriguing place to explore. 


There's enough to see and do on in Japan. Take a bullet train from Tokyo, the high-octane metropolis, to spiritual Kyoto, where geisha still walk to and from delicate tea establishments. Pay your respects at the National Peace Memorial in Hiroshima before taking a ferry to the'shrine island' of Miyajima to see the iconic 'floating' torii gate. And that isn't all. Hakone will show you to Mount Fuji as well as one of the country's favorite activities, onsen bathing. Naoshima Island entices with its contemporary art, while Osaka, Japan's unofficial "food city," promises limitless culinary delights. The renowned 'Nakasendo Way,' which winds its way through the picturesque Kiso Valley, is a must-see for keen walkers, as are the 1,000-year-old pilgrimage pathways of Kumano Kodo. Under Takayama, in the shadow of the Japanese Alps, you may delve further into Japan's historical history by wandering lanes lined with Edo-era merchant homes. Kanazawa's surviving samurai and geisha districts are equally evocative, as is one of Japan's most magnificent landscape gardens. 
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