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Join us and treat yourself to one of our Turkey Travel Packages. Enjoy its amazing sites, great local hospitality, detailed & guided trips as we venture through the lively destination.


Istanbul is one of the most important tourist locations in Europe and the world. There are numerous cultural attractions in Istanbul alone. Go inside the streets of Istanbul as you acquaint yourself with the country's history at the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Spice Bazaar, and, Devrant Valley & Uchisar rock city among others. Visit Cappadocia which has a lot to offer you in terms of blue oceans with beautiful side views and sunset mirroring along with Izmir, Pamukkale, Kusdasi, Antalya and so much more!

Check out our Turkey Vacations to experience the delightful cultural experience and refreshing natural scenery that Turkey offers. 

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Tourist at the Bosporus Lake

The Bosphorus Strait

Placed in the above Turkey Travel Packages, the Bosphorus Strait is crucial sightseeing in Turkey. Learn more!

External View of the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

Within our Turkey Travel Packages you will see the Blue Mosque. Learn more about it from here!

Balloons of Cappadocia

The Ancient city of Cappadocia

Enjoy your trip to Cappadocia to the max! Available in our Turkey Travel Packages. Read about Cappadocia here!

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Frequently Questions

Do i need a Visa to book a Turkey package?

Most foreigners and tourists will need to enter and enjoy the splendours of Turkey Tours. The visa could easily be obtained upon arrival at Ataturk airport. There are two types of tourist visa in Turkey, A single entry visa and a multiple entry visa.  The first is valid for one single visit and the second is allows you to enter, leave and renter Turkey as ou please during its validity period. The multiple entry visa validity duration is 30. 60 and 90 days THis is why it’s handy for you to have some cash in the form of dollars, euros and sterling pounds on you when arriving at the airport for the visa. As we stated before, you would usually be able to get your tourist visas from the airport or port customs, ( if you came via a cruise), however, visas for longer stays such as study and employment must be acquired in advance. Finally, these courses are subject to change at any given point so we recommend you check with the Turkish consular or embassy in your country. You also need a valid passport for 6 months from your entry date to Turkey.

Is Turkey safe to travel to?

Without a doubt, Turkey is one of the safest tourism countries out there, boating a low crime rate when compared to many countries of western Europe. When you book a Turkey Package, there are precautions that you would need to take into consideration. Just basic precautions you would take to any foreign country your visiting for the first time. Driving the point home, the U.S Federal Activation Administration (FFA) has placed the Turkeys Civil Aviation Authority in its highest ranking category, Category 1.  

What is the Local currency in Turkey & what's the exchange rate?

The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira and its abbreviation is TRY. The Liras exchange rate for a single US dollar to Turkish Lira is 6.97 TRY, for the Euro its 8.21 Lira, for the Canadian dollar its 5.21 Lira and last but Not least for The Sterling Pound, it’s 9.13.

Do I need to Learn Turkish to Interact with People there?

You have nothing to worry in terms of communicating with the locals as English is the most spoken foreign language in Turkey. Knowing only English will not be an issue while navigating the main sites, shopping malls, restaurants and holiday Resorts in the country it might be different in the more rural sectors of the country though. So learning a couple of basic terms such as greetings, how to ask for prices, goodbyes and thank you will get you by in you Turkey tours.

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