Balloons of Cappadocia

The Ancient city of Cappadocia


I spent ten days in Cappadocia visiting the historic valleys, climbing all the hiking routes, and, of course, being charmed by the hot air balloons. To aid you in exploring this stunning region, we've put together this list of the best things to do in Cappadocia. Additionally, Cappadocia offers so much fantastic hiking that it will take you at least a week to visit all of the area's many hiking paths. And, of course, the hordes of hot air balloons that take to the skies each morning at daybreak.

A Hot Air Balloon Flight at Sunrise



The Cappadocia hot air balloons are quickly rising to the top of the most popular travel wish lists worldwide. It's not difficult to understand why as you gracefully soar over the ancient cave homes of Göreme Town at daybreak alongside over 100 other balloons in what can only be described as a fantasy setting.

Hot air ballooning attracts more than 500,000 visitors to Cappadocia annually, making this area the most popular hot air balloon destination in the world. 



Red Valley Hike & Viewpoint for Sunset



Red Valley is the best place to hike in Cappadocia, in our opinion. Each night, when the sun burns into the distinctive environment in its final minutes of setting, the Sharp sandstone ridges glow a rich, vivid red. If you're only staying a few nights in Cappadocia, put this location near the top of your list for sunset viewing. There is a beautiful trail loop involving Meskindir and Rose Valley or you may drive directly to the sunset viewpoint to sit at the café or trek to the top of the flag sight. Whether you trek or not, this is a destination in Cappadocia that you should not miss.


In most cases, the journey connects with Rose Valley and takes you through amazing cave homes, a church that dates back thousands of years, and yellow sandstone rock formations. The path offers a variety of activities and is only moderately challenging, making it a top experience in Cappadocia.



Hot Air Ballon Cappadocia

A Trail from Love Valley to Unhisar Castle



You may trek through Love Valley, which is located just outside of Göreme, all the way to Uchisar Castle, passing by the rock formations up close on a route that is probably deserted. It takes one to two hours to wander around Uchisar in quiet and tranquility. Because of the phallic forms of the rock formations, the valley consisting of penis-shaped rocks was given the moniker "Love Valley." It's undoubtedly one of the most distinctive spots in Cappadocia to visit.




Open-Air Museum in Göreme



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A guided audio tour takes you through the old churches, cave homes, and ancient artwork at the Göreme Open-Air Museum, one of Cappadocia's most visited tourist destinations. The itinerary below includes a visit to other well-known locations in Cappadocia as well as a guided tour of the Göreme Open-Air Museum (which I highly recommend). 

The Göreme Open-Air Museum is extremely near the city center of Göreme, which is the most popular town in Cappadocia. It would take around 15 minutes and be slightly steep to walk to the Göreme Open Air Museum from the town center. The audio guide provides extensive history and information about the area and the inhabitants who formerly resided in Cappadocia's cave homes at more than 30 sites along the trip route. It is one of the most well-liked activities in Cappadocia in part because of this.




Hot Air Ballon Cappadocia

Dig into Ihlara Valley



The Ihlara Valley is a breathtaking canyon with a beautiful river winding its way 16 kilometers through the volcanic rock at the valley's center. Despite being close to the Aksaray province, it is still regarded as a part of southern Cappadocia. It's a beautiful location for an easy stroll through serene, forested surroundings as well as a center for cave churches, of which you will see numerous along the path.

The area between Selime and Ihlara Village makes up the majority of the Ihlara Valley. Numerous churches may be found along the way. 16 of the 105 churches are open to the public, and the interiors still contain their original paintings and carvings.




Turkish Gozieme

Open-Air Museum Zeleve



One of Cappadocia's biggest settlements was formerly located in the amazing Zeleve Open-Air Museum. You may stroll through antique homes, churches, and temples in this amazing cave town, in addition to the town center. They've done a terrific job making it simple to get about while also providing adventurous folks with routes and trails to explore a little farther. Nothing is worse than staying on the beaten path when there is so much more to see, yet you can lose yourself in the beauty here. It's much more intriguing than the busy Göreme Open-Air Museum, which receives 20 times as many visitors daily.


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Goreme Open Air Museum

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