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Have you been to Mykonos and Santorini? If not, you should visit very soon!


This is because Greece has some of the most ideal destinations and mountain views, perfect for holidays. Greece is a country famous for its clean beaches and rich history. Embedded in the mountains and islands are pieces of rich Greek history in famous archaeological sites like the Crete island. Apart from these historical sites, you get to enjoy the blue waters of various Greek oceans and the beautiful terrains of various resorts. Popular among these resorts are Mykonos island, Santorini Island— a very perfect location for a romantic getaway with its perfect sunset.


Do you want to discover the beautiful island and experience bliss in the peaceful serenity of the Greek oceans & Explore the history of Athens and the beauty of Santorini and the charms of Mykonos? Check out our Greece Travel Packages to organize your package instantly. 

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Beautiful architecture - Santorini

Hidden Gems of Santorini

Santorini one of the most beautiful islands you will come across in your Greece Travel Packages. Explore the island's hidden gems.

Mykonos Excursions | Tours In Mykonos | Mykonos Tour

Mykonos Excursions

Check in this article the best Mykonos Excursions & Learn more about one of the best islands in Greece Travel Packages.

Greece Travel Packages


A georgous city & the birthplace of democracy that you will get to meet in your Greece Travel Packages. Learn more here.


Frequently Questions

Do I need a Visa to Visit Greece?

For all of you who are originally from an Eu country or most countries of the Americas, you're in luck. The reason your in Luck is that Greece is a member of the EU therefore a member of the Shenzhen agreement that allows people from the two above mentioned countries to travel visa free for 90 days. So if you're from the United States, Canada, and Australia all you will need is a valid passport for 3 months beyond the end date of your visit.  

Are there any travel warnings about Greece?

Greece traditionally has rarely been under any form of travel alert or travel warning and its safe to say that generally speaking it's a very safe country. Granted that the protests and strikes are the center of Focus when it happens, that's not the perpetual state of Greece.

When's the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Greece would be in the summer since Greece is a mostly coastal touristic city. Summer in Greece would be July and August. Do bear in mind that these are the peak months so hotel prices might be high. The other great time to visit Greece would be late spring in May and in the fall (Sept/Octo). THe reason we are recommending this as an alternative as the crowds are less and the weather is more forgiving.

What's Greece's Currency & its Exchange Rate?

The Official currency of Greece is the Euro, EUR for short, the exchange rate for a single US American dollar would be 0.85 EUR, the Canadian Dollar would be 0.64 EUR, Finally, a Sterling Pound would be 1.11 EUR. There are several ATM machines spread around the main cities with American Express and MasterCard being the least likely to be acceptable, however.

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