Sacred City of Kandy

  The city of Kandy is considered the capital of the Central Sri Lankan countries, and it is considered one of the heritage and ancient cities, as its origin dates back to the fourteenth century, and from that time it began to develop and prosper until it became one of the major Sri Lankan countries, with the current population estimated at about 11,000 thousand people, as well as It has recently entered the World Heritage sites, and for this reason, tourists visit it annually for recreation and knowing the city’s great history. So it is important to talk about its tourist attractions and hotels.



Climate in Kandy:


    The climate in Kandy is cooler and wetter than the usual tropical climate in Sri Lanka, and generally speaking, Kandy has two seasons; Monsoon season and dry season. The driest months remain from December to April and the average temperature during this period is between 22 ° C and 30 ° C. On the other hand, the monsoon season in Kandy starts from May and lasts until August, and the average temperature during that period ranges from 25 ° C to 29 ° C.


How to get to Kandy?


In order to get to Kandy, you can take the following options:


By bus: Bus is the best option to get to Kandy. From Bandaranaike International Airport, you can take the free bus to reach the bus station. From the station, you can take the local bus to reach Kandy. The journey will take at least about three hours. Also, you can reach Kandy from Colombo by taking public buses.


By Train: Traveling by train is the cheapest option, and using the trains to get to Kandy will be much easier. In addition, intercity trains in Sri Lanka are hassle-free and give their passengers the opportunity to enjoy an array of unparalleled scenery. Please note that you must book in advance when boarding trains.


By taxi: Taking a taxi is comfortable, but expensive. You can hire a taxi from the Colombo airport terminal for a journey that takes around three hours.




Top Tourist Attraction:


   The city of Kandy is characterized by a variety of wonderful attractions that give you the opportunity to enjoy and entertain, from street farms to the city lake, and enjoying the picturesque scenery to visit parks and museums.


Kandy lake:

 If you love tranquillity and recreation away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and crowds, we recommend you to visit the stunning Kandy Lake, which has a lot of untouched natural beauty and wonderful recreational opportunities, from relaxation opportunities to hiking, not to mention capturing the most memorable photographs.


Old Royal Palace Complex:

The old royal palace complex is by far the most surprising tourist attraction in the city. You will enjoy a lot while touring the corners of this amazing palace, and its various rooms as well as its wonderful museums and distinctive temples, also knowing that these places represent many of the historical events of that beautiful city.


The Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya:

 One of the most visited gardens in Sri Lanka is The Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya and it is also considered the best botanical garden in Kandy. The ancient kings of Sri Lanka built this botanical garden, but the British later also renewed its appearance. And they used them to plant trees that could not be grown in Great Britain, including four thousand different types of medicinal plants, and beautiful palm trees, allowing you to spend the happiest times among an incomparable group of beautiful landscapes when visiting.


The Space Garden:

 Kandy is famous for its many types of spices, and in the garden dedicated to those spices, you will enjoy the scent of cinnamon, cardamom, and other famous types, and according to travelers, the spice gardens are very interesting, and you will definitely enjoy watching them.


Explore the wonderful tea gardens:

 Sri Lanka is the number one country for producing tea in the world, and Kandy has many of the famous tea gardens in the country, so taking a tour to explore the wonderful tea gardens is an opportunity to provide you with some amazing sights, from plantations to the method of manufacturing amidst many interesting natural attractions.


The Giragama Tea Plantation:

     It is located at a high altitude from the sea level, considered one of the most beautiful tea plantations in the country, as it is characterized by a lot of natural beauty, and during its visit, you can learn about the method of making tea in the existing factory with drinking Cuba of the finest tea in the world, as well as visiting Tea Museum located here to discover the exquisiteness of preparing authentic Sri Lankan tea.


Commonwealth Cemetery:

    This cemetery, which is one of the most famous places in Kandy, focuses on commemorating the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country during World War II, so locals always regard this cemetery as a place of pride for them, so do not miss a visit during your trip to discover the city.


Shopping in Kandy city center:

    The city center is a 10-story complex. The construction work took 12 years to open in 2005. Now, you can enjoy shopping in this complex that offers a wide range of shopping options. Additionally, this city center is the only shopping complex in the whole of Kandy city.


    Kandy is famous for its exquisite handicrafts and amazing craft products that tourists from all over the world are keen to acquire, so you should not miss buying some of these amazing gifts during your trip.


    Finally, it is one of the prominent cities that symbolizes Sri Lankan culture, as well as being a city with diverse elements and scenes, which explains why it is a popular tourist destination and a destination for many travelers from all over the world who flock to visit this city. So, don't hesitate to pack your bags and travel there on your next vacation.