The Great Pyramids of Giza



  • When & where were the Giza Pyramids Built?
  • Who Discovered & Who Built the Giza Pyramids?
  • What were the Great Giza Pyramids made of?
  • How were the Giza Pyramids Built?
  • Why are the Giza Pyramids so Important?
  • Can you Go inside the Giza Pyramids and are they climbable?



When Where the Giza Pyramids Built?



The Pyramids of Giza are part of an Expansive and Vast Structure called the “Giza Pyramid Complex “.Including the Three world-famous Pyramids of Egypt.  The great pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Khufu), the pyramid of Khafre, and finally the Pyramid of Menkaure, arranged from Biggest to Smallest. Located at the Edge of the plains of the Western Desert specifically in the city of Giza approximately 9Km west of the River Nile and 13 Km to the southeast of Cairo. It is agreed that the Pyramids of Giza were built during the Old Kingdoms Fourth Dynasty.


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Who discovered & Who built the Giza Pyramids?


Each of the Pyramids of Giza has a tale to tell and a different story of who built it and when it was discovered. We will start with the Great Pyramid of Giza finalizing with the Pyramid of Menkaure.


The biggest and the Grandest of the Three pyramids named otherwise the “Pyramid of Khufu” was built around 2560BC over a 10 to 20 year period Built under the order of the Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Khufu to serve as his Tomb. Standing at a towering height of over 146.5 meteres (480.6 feet) with its height decreasing to a height of 138.8 meteres. Each 440 cubit base side stretched over 230.4 meteres. Discovered by Sir Flinders Petrie who also took the very first measurements for the great pyramid of Giza with almost all the reports being based on his measurements.


Moving on to the Second Largest and tallest of the Pyramids of Giza, The Pyramid of Khafre destined to be the tomb of the fourth Dynasty pharaoh Khafre who ruled from 2558 to 2532 BC. This Pyramid enjoys a slightly smaller Status in terms of size and proportion. Built by the Son Khufu, a pharaoh of the fourth dynasty Also intended as the Final Resting Place of the Great Pharaoh. The First Recorded Exploration of the pyramid in modern times was by the Giovanni Belzoni on the Second of March 1818. Believed to be the first full Exploration of the Monumental construction, it was reexplored by John Perring in 1837 & then by Auguste Mariette in 1853.


Last But Not Least is the Smallest Brethren of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It originally stood at a height of 65.5 meteres now diminished to 61 meters due to erosion factors with a 108.5m base. It is Through to be built to serve as the tomb of the fourth Dynasty Pharoh by the name of Menkaure.




What were the Great Pyramids made of?


Nowadays we have the Luxury of Building towering sky Scapers with Steel. Cement, Gravel, and a plethora of Items. This, however, begs the Question of how over 3,000 of this ever-surprising civilization was able to Create such Great Constructs that stood the test of time?. 


Kicking things off with the Great Pyramid of Giza and its estimated 2.3 million blocks believed to have been transported from the nearby queries in Aswan through the Nile. It's estimated that 5,5 million tons of limestone, 8000 tons of granite, and a wapping 500,000 tons of mortar were used in the construction of the Khufu Pyramid. Slant-faced casting stoned were used to create the sloping surface of the pyramid.


The middle-sized pyramid of Khafre was constructed of a collage of different styles & materials. The bottom of the Pyramid is occupied with the Larger Stones becoming smaller the more you get to the top. The Bottom casing stones are believed to be Pink Granite with Tura Limestoes used for the rest. 


Finally the Last of the Three, the Pyramid of Menkaure was constructed from a mix of Limestone & Granite with the first sixteen exterior courses formed of Red Granite and the upper portion formed of Tura Limestone.


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How were the Giza Pyramids Built?



One of the Greatest Mysteries Surrounding the Great Pyramids including the Great Pyramid of Giza is how they were Built in a time void of cranes and other modern tools?. This question is one of the most debated and Controversial mysteries surrounding the pyramids of Giza. There a lot of Theories one of which was adopted by the greeks that slaves were used in the building of the Pyramid. This was however debunked after examining the worker camps around the pyramid showing that an amazing amount of around 14,500 people and 40,000 skilled workers were used. Another theory is that slopes were used to raise the Stones up the Pyramid with one Group pushing the massive rock and the second pulling it up with ropes. This theory is supported by the existence of Rockstone’s possibly used as hinges around the Pyramids. The method of construction used in the Pyramids of Giza Remains undetermined and a subject of great divergence in the archaeological society.



Why are the Giza Pyramids so important?


The Ancient Egyptians Believed in the Importance of the afterlife as much as the did in the life they lived. The Great pyramid along with the other pyramids of Giza derived its importance from it being the Final resting Place for Gods Emissary on Earth, the Pharaoh. Secondly with Egypt Witnessing Great Prosperity and Wealth, it was important that the Majesty of the pharaoh remained intact and preserved even after their death. A testament of this Lies within the Smoooth angled Sides of the Pyramid Designed to Help in the ascension of the Kings soul to heaven to join the Other Deities of Ancient Egypt.


Can you Go inside the Giza Pyramids and are they climbable? 



Now for the Big question can you go inside or climb the Giza pyramids?  firstly the Site is open every day from eight to five am from October to march and seven am to seven pm from April to September. General site entrance tickets are 200 EGP ( Egyptian Pounds) that are equal to 9$ / 8€.


The Three pyramids of the queen of Cheops alongside the Middle Khefre Pyramid can be entered and are free. the Khuu & Khafree Pyramids are not however with the first costing 400 EGP and the Second 100 EGP or both for the price of 500 EGP


Technically the Pyramids are climbable and it was permitted to climb all the way up however currently you can only climb up to a certain level and then you’re urged to go Down as proceeding further is illegal.


Fully Equipped with the Key info about these Relics that have withstood the Test of time and beard testament to the greatness of that civilization its time that you Come to the Great Pyramids of Egypt for the Experience of a lifetime.


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