The Village Heritage in Abu Dhabi


For those who are interested in exploring the ingenious aspects of the Bedouin lifestyle and the rich history of the UAE, the Heritage Village Abu Dhabi will definitely be on the top of your must-see attraction list.


Where is Heritage Village? & When can I visit?


Located in the Corniche area near Marina Mall on Breakwater road in Abu Dhabi, the Heritage Village stands as a model of an Emirati village which exhibits the Bedouin lifestyle and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.  


Entrance Fee:

There is no admission fee to visit the Heritage Village.


Opening & Closing Hours:

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is open every day. During weekdays (from Saturday to Thursday) it opens at 09:00am and closes at 4:00pm. On Friday, the Heritage Village Abu Dhabi opening hours are from 03:30pm to 09:00pm.  


Best time to visit Heritage Village:

To have a quiet walk in the Heritage Village away from the crowds, it is preferred to visit the Village between 02:00pm to 04:00pm. You may need around 90 minutes to explore the secrets of such a complex.


More information about The Village Heritage in Abu Dhabi

One of the main questions and queries that comes to the mind of any Heritage Explorer is how old Emirati people managed to cool their houses during the scorching summers in the Arabian Desert. However, all such queries will be answered once you pay a visit and take a look at The Tower of the wind (In Arabic: Barjeel)  in the Heritage Village. Wind Tower or Barjeel was a traditional Gulf method of building palm-leaf houses in ancient dwellings to catch the breeze through the palm frond uprights.

Being one of the most interesting family-friendly destinations in Abu Dhabi, display of goats, camels and horses in the Heritage Village which continue to play their role in the country's identity feature an interesting and pleasant site for families and kids. The well-known tattoos of Henna with a perfect Arabic blend seem to be a good chance for women to get their hands adorned with.  

Don’t forget to pop into the Heritage Village Museum in the old fort where you can witness the beauty of jewellery displayed in it. Renowned for the pearl-diving industry, the Museum displays the paraphernalia of such industry on which Abu Dhabi relied. The narrow strip of beach in the Heritage village shows a couple of traditional Boats (in Arabic Dhow). Keep in mind that swimming attire are not allowed for the Heritage Village

Besides the huge dose of cultural knowledge that Heritage Village visitors obtain during their visit, there will be good dining options available in the village if you fell a bit peckish after all that walking around. You can experience some delicious Mediterranean cuisine in Al Asalah Restaurant while soaking in the stunning waterfront sights.