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Adesua Emmanuel 2 November

Oman is a beautiful country found on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in western Asia. Home to legendary seafarers and fabled cultures, this beautiful country has so much to offer for all visitors. A highly developed country Oman prides itself on being a hotspot of tourism, trading, and maritime activities. An exotic destination filled with wonderful attractions and diverse landscapes, from wide deserts to sandy beaches and beautiful islands there is so much for every visitor. For lovers of arts, culture, and history, Oman offers the best tourist attractions in Oman, for lovers of beautiful landscapes Oman is definitely the perfect destination and finally, for a wonderful sea trip filled with exotic games, Oman is the place to visit.  



The beauty of Muscat is near legendary proportions, it offers all sorts to visitors, from beautiful architectural masterpieces such as the Sultan Qaboos grand mosque: which has numerous attractions such as one of the largest Persian carpets in the world which covers the floor of the prayer hall to the magnificent chandelier above the prayer hall to the amazing designs and artworks that adorn this beautiful mosque. Other attractions in this city include the royal palace, adjoining towers, and nearby cultural centers that display the best of Omani artworks. Lovers of music and live theater should visit the Royal Opera house, this beautiful art complex reflects contemporary Omani architecture, and offers the best of music and arts, finally, you should explore nearby districts and enter local taverns and diners and feast on the best of Omani cuisine that is offered, finally you should visit the Mutrah Souq and check its stalls, shops and buy the exotic goods on display this would ensure you have an awesome shopping experience and you would also have souvenirs to take home for friends and family.  


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Nizwa Fort


Nizwa once served as the capital of Oman, a beautiful city today it is best known for Oman's most visited historic monument, the Nizwa fort. A formidable stronghold in the past, this beautiful fort holds numerous attractions for visitors, the highlight of this fort is the enormous cylindrical tower and the diverse and amazing military fortifications that adorn the fort, these fortifications include honey traps, cannons, and windows for shooting enemies. This fort serves as a museum now displaying the best of Omani arts, inside this fort you can also check out the market and nearby stalls, you should also explore this city and for sure there would be something that would catch your attention.


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Misfat al Abryeen


This beautiful city offers so much attraction for visitors, it does not have the grandeur and modern attraction of big cities but it offers a quiet and explicit introduction to the customs and traditions of the Omani people. Made up of beautiful stone buildings, steep roads, raged mountains, and beautiful nature paths. Some local diners and taverns offer the best of local Omani cuisines to visitors. You can walk among the buildings of this town and enjoy the beauty all around you, there is also a nearby watchtower which provides an exquisite view of the village and surrounding fields. 




another amazing travel destination in the country of Oman is the beautiful city of Bahla, located in northern Oman this beautiful city for years as served as an oasis in the desert and as a stopping point for travelers, found near Nizwa this city has as its major attraction the historic Bahla fort which also a UNESCO heritage site, this beautiful fort was built between the 12th and 15th century and is made up of a fort, oasis and a nearby city wall, this fort is at the epicenter of many paranormal tales and legends from djinns to flying mosques and cursed trees. These tales would excite and attract lovers of legends and the paranormal. Apart from exploring this mystic fort, lovers of beauty and serenity can explore the city and check out its districts and beautiful walls. Visitors should also check out the local market for souvenirs from artworks to very impressive pottery. 


Jebel shams and jebel Akhdar


For lovers of nature, hiking and wonderful scenery this mountain is the perfect travel destination, a popular sight for sightseeing and hiking, this mountain is found in northern Oman and lovers of good scenery and hiking try to climb this mountain to its peak, for people who have succeeded in summiting this mountain, it is an exhilarating experience that would leave you with unforgettable memories. Jebel Akhdar is another close-by mountain in the same mountain range, it is not like every average mountain top and it contains the highest point in the country, it has cooler temperatures and contains spots where you can hike through. It is also blessed with a beautiful and exotic landscape filled with trees and grasses that make it a perfect spot for your hike trips.  


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Found in southern Oman, this city is always seen as a twin city to Muscat, the ancestral home of the royal family, there are numerous things to admire in this city, from the expansive royal palace to other architectural masterpieces in the city. You can step back in time and have a splendid time in the Al Baleed archaeological site. Visitors can also check out the exotic nature spots that fill this city, from seasonal waterfalls to evergreen landscapes. Last but not least you should check out the local market and take back with you souvenirs that serve as a memoir of the wonderful time you had in this beautiful city.  

Oman is a beautiful country and is easily overlooked but holds numerous attractions for visitors, an article cannot cover the many treasures which you can explore, all this article has done is ignite your travel lust and give you a reason to visit this beautiful country. For first time visitors, Oman is generally safe and is a very good travel destination, but it is important you obey all safety regulations, inquire from your travel agent ahead about quirks you should know ahead, and generally keep your belongings safe, you should also be mindful of the conservative nature of the people and you would be fine, so what are you waiting for, take that leap and book a flight today and explore the numerous tourist attractions in Oman.


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